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Thread: Cracking Comet ISON

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    Cracking Comet ISON

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    A Number of Different Materials May be Discussed.

    The Cross of Hendaye

    Mesoamerican Relief to the left involving the Mayan Ball Game, with a character on the ground catching the ball, and another character standing next to symbols arranged like a Comet with a long Tail. Mesopotamian Relief to the right involving the god Ninurta holding a Rod that resembles a Comet with a Long Tail, he is pointing to the symbol of the "Sun", with 5 more symbols arranged like a Comet with a Long Tail. These similarities extend to the Cross of Hendaye, this includes the arrangement and therefore the association to a Comet, Comet ISON is in view, lets continue:

    Sumerian Symbols In Order Right to Left:
    King's Crown or Bell ... Winged Globe Nibiru ... Moon ... Umbilical Cord Cutter ... Sun
    Cross of Hendaye Symbols In Order Right to Left
    Nibiru ... Moon ... Umbilical Cord Cutter ... Sun

    When Nibiru Eclipses the Sun the Known Universe changes with the Blackening of the sun ... Revised Interpretation ... When Comet ISON eclipses the Sun the Known Universe will begin to Shift ... Revised Interpretation ... When Comet ISON reaches Perihelion the Known Universe will be cloaked in a shroud of darkness ... Revised Interpretation ... When the Signature identifier of the Cosmic Shift, Currently Know as Comet ISON, begins the next phase of transformation, it will eclipse the Earth and Sun, and Cosmic Shift will begin, transforming the Known Universe, and beginning the process with the darkening of the sun ... Revised Interpretation Complete.

    Comet ISON will pass through the perihelion point of its orbit on Nov. 28 at 3:10 p.m. Eastern time ... Just how bright the comet will become at that moment cannot yet be forecast reliably. In his 2013 Astronomical Calendar, Guy Ottewell writes: "Using what formulas we can for magnitude, we have it reaching -12.6, the brightness of the full moon!"
    Viewing the Cross of Hendaye's correct descriptive order again, we can obtain the phrase: "When Comet ISON becomes as bright as the MOON, the Cosmic Shift will begin". We cannot think entirely in conventional terms, this is what I mean. The order of the Plates on the Cross of Hendaye, does not appear to describe the impact of Comet ISON or Nibiru with the SUN, as the beginning of the sequence. Nostradamus Lost Plate 70 appears to describe the Long Tail of Comet ISON, and this Long Tail being cutoff when its brightness is increased to that of the Moon, this is the beginning of the Cosmic Shift ... So we can say with certainty that it is at this exact moment of 11/28/2013 that the Euthanasia and Cosmic Shift occurs. Also the God Ninurta, in our picture above, is holding the Long Tail of Comet ISON in his left arm, and when this is cutoff as he is pointing to the SUN the COSMIC SHIFT begins. (Nibiru and Moon are separated from the Sun by the Umbilical Cord Cutter Symbol, the brightness of Comet ISON increases to that of the Moon at Perihelion and this cuts off its tail) The Interpretation cannot be refuted or denied.


    5000 Years ago around 3000 B.C. each of these isolated civilizations produced an account of the events that lead to their extraterrestrial experiences, 5000 years to today, few of these accounts survived. The similarities between Sumeria, the Aztecs/Mayans, and the Incas are a result of this experience, and this revelation was given only to be understood today, at this moment.

    Mayan Ball Court Parody

    Is this our vision of 2012, the end of the present age? John Major Jenkins, in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, describes the Mayan ballgame as a metaphor for the present age, the courts themselves aligned with the galactic center. ‘The goalring,’ he writes, ‘representing the dark-rift in the Milky Way, symbolizes the place where time begins and ends. After all, when the ball goes into the goalring, the game (of time) is over.’ He writes that the ancient Maya understood that 2012 would have apocalyptic effects. ‘The door will be open, and at that time some people may be more interested in figuring out how to close it.’
    The interpretation can be corrected. When Comet ISON or Nibiru goes into the "Goal Ring" of the sun, the Cosmic Shift begins. Now we are really speaking of Perihelion, (closet point to the sun). As there is no evidence any other account speaks of Nibiru going into the sun, including the above metaphor with the Mayan Ball Game. The Court can represent the Galactic Alignment and Comet ISON or Nibiru the Ball, and its relative appearance at this alignment:

    C/2012 S1 (ISON) is a sungrazing comet discovered on 21 September 2012 ... ... Some of the orbital elements of comet C/2012 S1 are similar to that of the Great Comet of 1680 (which also had a long tail) ... ... Around the time the comet reaches its perihelion on 28 November, it may become extremely bright if it remains intact, probably reaching a negative magnitude. It may briefly become brighter than the full Moon. It is expected to be brightest around the time it is closest to the Sun.
    In reference to the Mayan Ball Court game. It can be said that around the Galactic Alignment of 12/21/2012, Nibiru would be revealed, the object that begins the Cosmic Shift. In this instance, we can view Comet ISON as appearing our of thin air close to the Galactic Alignment of 2012. There is no evidence, that can refute the interpretation. Now Moving Forward...


    Lombardi: Rio, Pope's only international trip for 2013

    (Vatican Radio) Brazil will be the only international destination for Pope Francis in 2013. This was stated Wednesday afternoon by Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, in a meeting at the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association in Rome. "I invite you to not expect others to trips abroad this year," Father Lombardi said.
    Pope Francis will travel to Rio de Janeiro for the 28th World Youth Day, to be held July 23 to 28, with the motto "Go and make disciples of all nations" (Mt 28, 19).
    I've asked the universe to dry up these signs, including the loss of life we talked about leading up to the full euthanasia of this relationship. You can consider this done. When no euthanasia is performed in Italy on June 13/16, 2013. My One Rule will be reinstated, which does not give the 112th Pope the right to go to a spanish or black country, and Italy will be removed from my covenant (consider this effective immediately), but you will have your lives so you can still gather together else where. There's no price on your head, that language was clarified. North Korea, and France (pending) will simply be put to death when the Cosmic Shift occurs. The rest of the opportunities will expire accordingly, according to the law in june, october, etc. All opportunities unconfirmed will expire at the death of the son of man, or if the universe should need to perform an impromptu euthanasia, not withstanding is the unlikely possibilities of the euthanasia demonstrations we discussed.

    (You will fail and the son of man will succeed)
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    Cracking Comet ISON PART 2


    A number of different materials may be discussed, emphasis petroglyphs which are rock engravings.

    VA 243 Petroglyph - Affirmative, We are naming this one after the Sumerian SEAL that illustrates Nibiru. The Darker Lines were placed over the petroglyph to highlight the design that was not apparent, added are only the numbers from 1 to 24 in yellow.

    Interpretation #1 (With #7 doubled as the Sun)

    1. Mercury - 2. Venus - 3. Earth - 4. Mars - 5. Jupiter - 6. Saturn "10. Saturn" is in the same orbital plane as "6. Saturn" 11. Uranus - 10. Saturn - 9. Jupiter - 8. Mars - "7. Earth" (Earth doubles as the Center with the Sun) "5. Jupiter" Intersects the Orbit of "16. Comet ISON Orbit" when "13. Comet ISON" REACHES "15. Perihelion" (same orbital plane) "9. Jupiter" Intersects "13. Comet ISON" (orbit - double reference) when translation begins from "14. Comet ISON Long Tail" to "15. Perihelion" "11. Uranus" Matches the VA 243 Sumerian SEAL value, with "12. Comet ISON Tail above HORIZON" represents the measurement of the NEW EARTH Items highlighted in blue are identical to the VA 243 Sumerian SEAL interpretation "18. Cosmic and Consciousness Shift", thus missing head 5 Months identifies with 5 Heads 19/20/21/22/23 "24. Doubling of the 5 Months" is represented by a shadow of one of the heads, indicating its doubling "17. Galactic Alignment" we are given a relative time frame Interpretation 1 Complete

    Interpretation #2

    "17. Galactic Alignment" is doubled with a marking next to it, this marking can represent May 21, 2013 as this date identifies with the Sun Pyramid's Zenith of the Sun Alignment "13. Comet ISON" is given 13 Dots representing the year 2013. "16 Comet ISON Orbit" can represent the Sun, now if "16 represents the sun, then "14. Comet ISON long tail" is lost at "15. Perihelion" this is when the Cosmic Shift begins, not when Comet ISON impacts the sun Items highlighted in blue match Nostradamus Lost Plate 70, Cross of Hendaye Symbols, and God Ninurta Sumerian relief from our previous discussion


    May 21, 2013 I am going to the Market Frankford Line in the City of Philadelphia, with the full expectation of the euthanasia of the relationship in the USA being performed, and a demonstration of the rapture in California. I have no reason to believe this will not be done on this date until this date is over, as I've indicated previously. The God Ninurta also has three sheathed Knives in his belt, indicating the design of euthanasia according to our discussion of occurring 3 general times, this is a fact I left out of our previous discussion. The Euthanasia is a good possibility, and so is the fact that nothing could happen until 11/28/2013 at 3pm EST when Comet ISON reaches perihelion, of course the euthanasia can be carried out immediately depending on what is done to the son of man, we must keep watch. (Coincidentally, this was the first material that pointed to Uranus as the New Planet, when VA 243 pointed to Neptune, now they both point to Uranus, the interpretation have been corrected (see thread titled Cracking the Quatrain Code for VA 243)

    Uranus is the Parody for the Size of the New Earth. Not only is Uranus Number 11 in the VA 243 SEAL interpretation, but it is also Number 11 in the VA 243 Petroglyph we discuss above. It is also about 11 Astronomical Units from the Sun. Uranus is also the Seventh Planet from the SUN, if you recall from our Petroglyph Interpretation the value of 7 SUN was also 7 EARTH, and it is also 7 NEW EARTH when connected to Uranus being the 7th Planet Parody. (1 Earth, 11 Uranus VA 243 SEAL matches Astronomical Unit distance from the Sun).

    Image ID 1006166 Voynich Manuscript, Yale University

    Earth is the only planet with life, the Root of this planet is Blood Red with Life. Now the two larger figures represent Uranus the bigger, and Neptune the smaller. Their identical and Uranus is connected to the EARTH. The interpretation cannot be denied. I am now absolutely convinced of Uranus New Earth Parody and 11/28/2013 Cosmic Shift ... the rest is soon to be seen ... Back to Topic.

    Hoppi Prophecy Petroglyph

    (Original Image for Comparison

    I want you to see the overall design, and where it is recorded. This design is a little different and in several places, sometimes this affects the interpretation. The Color is inverted and the design colored in, there are three arrows, I believe the third arrow mark towards the top of the train is often mistaken so I corrected it, this will follow our interpretation. The design of the stone it is written on could resemble Missouri's shape, however, salvation program is being alluded to with Margaret Frankford Line as the train, and other rapture locations being compared against it by the square, lets continue.

    1. Universe (1. UFO)
    2. Comet ISON (Horn of the Antichrist)
    3. Son of Man Going to Heaven
    4. Earth
    5. Sword seen as Judgment removing the Earth
    6. Train seen as the Garden Snake, or hyperdimension being translated and given to mankind
    7/8/9/10. Ethnicities, relationship that is euthanized and cutoff from mankind.
    11. Black Sun (Universe is dark) (sun is virtually gone)
    12. Blood Sun (Universe is blood red)
    13. White Sun (Nibiru encapsulates the earth, Rapture begins, Earth dissolved, the ladder is above this Sun symbol)
    14. Mankind being ascended

    There are three arrows being used one next to the Son of Man, one next to the relationship being euthanized, and one next to the portion of mankind being ascended. I painted them red, this rendition is the more correct version, possibly indicates the prophecy didn't originate from the Hoppi, but was adopted by them, similar situation Aztec/Mayan Calendars. My interpretation cannot be refuted or denied. However, I have clarified my position on this prophecy, from a previous discussion.

    Obviously the design is in view we do see the relation of the Market Frankford Line in the City of Philadelphia on display. Earlier on in the law of NEWLIFE it was only the Margaret Orthodox subway stop that was going to be used for this Rapture location, however it was expanded to follow the detail in the diagram you see. Just the tracks and stops, nothing above ground or outside of that general area. Moving forward.

    Is it more important to challenge my authority, or euthanize that individual that offends you, and threatens your longevity. Unfortunately there will be no more language for you, but any country can be euthanized for its offenses, this does not result in being removed from my covenant. Unfortunately, when the opportunity was provided it amounted to nothing, that is something that will not be extended again. Moving forward, the universe has been gracious enough to allow me to continue to provide truth, and even tolerate interventions between the suicide agenda and these ethniticies that desire the undermining of the covenant. This is something I can and will expect to continue, but the euthanasia may be done and done as soon as May 21, 2013. We must keep watch ... ... ... results for the USA opportunity will be reviewed May 1, 2013 as stated ... ... ... a new beginning and outlook for mankind can begin very soon, and the USA will be on the forefront of this perspective. Now this could also happen a little later in the year, we will see soon.
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    Cracking Comet ISON PART 3


    A number of different materials may be discussed, emphasis ciphers, which are encoded messages. A Disclaimer will be issued at the end of this discussion.

    About 1:15:00 In
    I'm an American so I can say this, we have many many problems right now....There is a lot of talk about shifting of dimensions and changing of frequencies....According to the Andromedians on March 23rd of 1993, a color sound frequency started eminating from all the black holes in our known galaxies our universe, this is the first time it has ever happened and they just simply didn't know what it was about. What they have learned since then, is that this frequency which involves color light and sound, is so high that it is literally changing the dimensions all the way up to, what they say we have, 11 dimenisons in our known holograph, which we call a universe. Its a holograph a self contained picture of all the dimensions that this frequency is literally changing the entire holograph, the dimensional holograph of our universe. Now only are we going to changes so are the Andromedians, and other races...Those on the 11 density that have shared their experience ... this new density has new colors, harmonics and conscious beings, and these beings have the ability to look straight down through all the dimensions.
    This is from Mornay. All of us regardless of our form and dimensional growth live in boundless consciousness, it does appear that all things revolve and evolve in cycles now after the blindness of 5725 years you on your terra are about to regain yourselves. It will be such a unprecidented change that it will be difficult for many to grasp your own potential. It is turning point on your world which none of your planets forefathers were priviledged to experience.

    The ascension activity begins in the USA. According to the Andromedians 343 Days from 12/20/2012 (March 23, 1993), Nibiru will make its appearance and it will affect the known universe, by first blacking out the sun. The known dimensions of reality will be transforming to the 11th from this hologram we call a universe ("11" is connected to Uranus, parody for the New Planet, this is what mankind will be ascended to inherit). Nibiru is a self contained picture, an identifier, of the energies that are withheld from our universe. Mankind will be ascended to join other races such as the Andromedians...Those that have been ascended ... The difference in ascension is gauged in perception, interaction and possibility, namely access to the higher dimensions the angels occupy that forms the basis of your judgment on earth.
    The end of mourning. The primarily difference between universes is the flexibility in consciousness, and how it can interact with the environment, this is like the head in the center of the Aztec Calendar that was presented to you, some 5000 years ago, following its creation account around 3114 B.C. You will see this head in the center of the Aztec Calendar come to you in the form of a Comet. This Comet when it reaches its turning point will begin to change the universe and your planet, and you will receive the inheritance as the last generation. (The Aztec/Mayan Creation Account doubles the significant figures from the Galactic Alignment (difference of Baktun Periods and Calendar Length) to the Cosmic Shift, this is what the Aliens are denoting)

    Jung Stone

    At Bolligen Jung created a monument out of stone to express what the Tower means to me. On one side, Jung carved in Latin In remembrance of his seventy-fifth birthday, C. G. Jung made and placed this here as a thanks offering in the year 1950. On the side shown in this photograph, Jung created a mandala centered on Telesphorus, the Greek demi-god of healing, surrounded by a Greek inscription, part of which says, This is Telesphorus, who roams through the dark regions of this cosmos and glows like a star out of the depths. He points the way to the gates of the sun and to the land of dreams.
    The Japanese People present a painting in the utube video above on stage also, you can see it near the end of the film that resembles the Jung Stone. They understood Alex Collier was provided this information by the universe, and that it was intended to be understood as dealing with the translation of the universe. Obviously the description, highlighted on the right side above, describes Nibiru that glows like a Comet and this opens the gate to the land of dreams or other universe. Lets Continue.

    The Four Quadrants of the Jung Stone are: 1Comet ISON top, 2Sun Left, 3Moon Right, 4Earth Bottom. The Figure in the Center is Nibiru, it was pretending to be a Comet. The Jung Stone says, 1That the visitor had concealed himself, so his gift could not be spoiled. 2That his journey to heaven (sun) was in secret, so he could overthrow the "band" of thieves. 3The visitor reveals his intention to mourn the passing of the heavens (sun) by pouring out oceans of his tears, and nourishing the progenitors. 4The visitor obtains the "Camp" (earth) of worship and is burned like a candle to redeem the faithful, and they are sent on a journey. ... ... The Son of Man at the end of time, is apart of the process you will be unable to separate (soon to be see) ... ... The "band" is a reference to SEAL or this reality with the restricted hyperdimension ... ... The word "camp" represents the potential facing ascension.

    340-Character Cipher - Zodiac Killer

    Comprising disarrayed stars and astrological symbols, this unbroken code is generally a letter which was delivered by Zodiac, a serial killer, to members of press in San Francisco and its surrounding areas. Till the date, cracking this code is far beyond the reach of computing power, despite of numerous solutions being proposed.
    We will solve the Cipher. View the above image, the name "Zodiac Killer" is formed by partial spelling and a partial phonetic reference, this kind of design would be nearly impossible for a supercomputer to interpret. This is the key to understanding the translation, we are not provided with a lot of words. We are provided with at most a hand full of words and that is all, the Zodiac Killer designed this to have 340 digits for a reason. This reason is the Aztec/Mayan Calendar, is is referencing a point within the 340 days after 12/20/2012, this is a prediction. A word is formed relative to the Zodiac Killer symbol in each instance, but not paths will produce a word, we have produced several words:

    1. Root/Problem/Quit (or point)
    2. Idiot (to the right) Victory (to the bottom)
    3. Liar
    4. (World) Post 9/11 (terrorist attack)

    We have achieved the translation and conclusion. Family Radio has announced May 21, 2011 to the world, as the final defeat of the false prophet that tried to destroy the world (terrorism), this has been a lie in itself and the prophet called an idiot. Now within the 340 day period May 21, 2013 the root of the problem will be corrected. And the prophet vindicated (the word vindicated can be achieved by going up where you see "Zodiac Killer" spelled, we have enough information to produce a solution).

    The Extraterrestrials, did not want a non-human being to solve the problem. Years ago, alien contactees did not formerly exist in the way the do today, but it did happen. My interpretation cannot be refuted or denied, there will be a disclaimer at the end of this discussion.

    Shepherds Monument Relief (Shugborough Inscription)

    1. Larger Image
    2. Center Inscription View Larger
    3. Bottom Inscription Larger

    The Shugborough inscription is a sequence of letters - O U O S V A V V, between the letters D M - carved on the 18th-century Shepherd's Monument in the grounds of Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire, England, below a mirror image of Nicolas Poussin's painting, the Shepherds of Arcadia. It has never been satisfactorily explained, and has been called one of the world's top uncracked ciphertexts.
    Originally I claimed this deals with the translation of the universe, and for each of the letters I used a Greek Word to provide a generalized description of the translation. I still infact claim this deals with the translation of the universe, now I will using a different interpretation. You will immediately see a "V or pyramid" symbol outlined with two hands in the center, on the resting stone. You will also notice a "Circle" of flowers on the Coffin above it, we will come back to the significance of these symbols and their placement.

    The Septa Symbol, where the Market Frankford Line is located is being referenced by the hand symbols. The Phrase "Edin Arcadia Ego" can be translated "Eden, Knowledge, and Bringer (son of man)". This phrase is where the "V Pyramid" is located these are descriptions of the "Antichrist", therefore since the "V Pyramid" is given a value already, we crossed it out on the bottom inscription. Next, the "O" shape represents "Nibiru" this is where mankind is being taken as apart of the translation, this can be compared to a coffin, "Nibiru" value is given so we likewise crossed out the letter "O". Now "S" for salvation, is inbetween the "O" for Nibiru and "V Pyramid Faith", meaning mankind is being translated. Now this begins with an individual, the son of man, therefore the coffin is actually reserved for the son of man (Bringer of Knowledge of the Fertile Land). This is infact the case, therefore we will discuss the euthanasia as it is necessary for this relationship and its sympathizers to perhaps better be put to peace, as apart of our disclaimer.

    Victor Lustig 1890-1947

    Victor Lustig was renowned as the Man who Sold the Eiffel Tower. He was born in Bohemia but later moved to Paris where he was able to con people on his frequent journeys between Paris and New York. In 1925, as France was recovering from the war, the upkeep of the Eiffel tower was an almost unbearable expense for the city of Paris. When Lustig read about this in a paper, he came up with his most brilliant idea. While it seems implausible, at the time the tower was built it was meant to be temporary and this happened just 18 years after the original date for removal of the tower.

    At one point, Lustig convinced Al Capone to invest $50,000 with him. He stored the money in a vault and returned it two months later, stating that the deal had fallen through. Capone, so impressed by Lustig’s honesty gave him $5,000 for his effort. In 1934, Lustig was found guilty of counterfeiting. He plead guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in Alcatraz. In 1947 he died of pneumonia whilst in jail in Springfield, Missouri.
    This is in line with the ability of France to receive the opportunity alongside our opportunity involving Missouri and a potential number of states, the ability will soon be dissolved when the nuclear threat is not published according to our instructions, I make the law. ... ... ... Disclaimer I will be going to the Market Frankford Line in the City of Philadelphia on May 1, 2013 ... I've asked the universe to euthanize a portion of the population of Italy by earthquake as a sign that May 21, 2013 is an effective date for the partial euthanasia and demonstration according to our discussion, on the 1st. I choose Italy for the assault on my covenant by the 112th Pope in the very disappointing announcement of his exodus to a country involving this relationship. We will infact know by divine intervention what is to be done approaching Comet ISON's perihelion for the good of the potential and public safety. This is the concern of the son of man, not those who do not believe me, or the Suicide Agenda.

    (Be forbearing and tolerable, at most you may have to tolerate this relationship for a few more months, less then a year by far now. At best this relationship can be euthanized according to the law much quicker, you can distribute the ID you are provided, and I will be exactly where I can be easily found, the sooner you move past this relationship the better. We'll see what the universe has in mind, but as I've already stated it is better to dry up these opportunities, once again my motivations are not the responses derived from being beat and assaulted repeatedly, all of the irrefutable arguments have been clarified, as stated earlier a hiatus will likely be done to help dry up these opportunities, however we will see soon)
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    Cracking Comet ISON PART 4


    A number of different materials may be discussed, emphasis on paintings.

    Michelangelo. The Creation of Adam

    Resolving the Law of NEWLIFE Anniversary

    11/28/2013 to 4/30/2014 = 153 Days = 1 Year from 4/30/2013, you will be presented with a finalized version of the law in brief below. All Opportunities end 4/30/2013. The Law of Newlife will be adjusted below following this day, see notes below. (I will review the results for the usa, and the opportunity will be concluded on this date also in relation to Missouri).

    California/Missouri/Britain/Ireland/Switzerland/Japan/China/Germany/Greece/Korea/Jewish Population/Gay Population*/Scientologists*/KKK*/ (*restrictions applied according to our discussion) (The Asian Population Left Standing in the USA you will seen in the new earth according to our discussion) (The Tibetan People will be allowed to be left standing, color restriction excluded only, according to our discussion) (Market Frankford Line is a Rapture Location for California according to our discussion) (Cities that will be built will follow our discussion, so will the benefits for prisoners according to our discussion, you will be spaced out pretty good, so you don't have to worry about seeing anyone else during your life time and at least for a few generations, but some of you could live a very long time) (Resurrection rules apply, so does the protection of the potential by reason of murder etc. according to our discussion) (All Principalities will also remain open, with the Market Frankford Line we will see as this concerns the son of man being delivered, but do not pride yourselves on it, it is also beneficial to be taken out of the way and this relationship ahead of time, as i've indicated several times).

    Italy will be removed and replaced with Korea, (EDIT) (Lady of Fatima, and the 112th Pope Prophecy predict the betrayal of the body of believers by the Church, I spoke to you several times, you cannot content with the son of man, I am the authority, fortunately for you there's been no loss of life). Greece, your country not just "Crete" will be in view with the law now. Once Again, all other opportunities will be invalidated on this date. I want to thank, North Korea for the conversation, for drawing out all of the enemies of my covenant, I have taken this into consideration. As you can see the results are reflected in the law of NEWLIFE. (The Results from the Earthquakes are inconclusive although we cut it short, you must be grateful for what you are given and gather together peacefully)

    4 Ethnities to the 8th Generation for mixture (some leniency may be applied), equatorial and color are still effective and in view. This is all that will be euthanized, unless you cannot gather peacefully, the law of NEWLIFE is on good terms with the translation of faith, additional euthanasia's will be the result of peace keeping.

    I will also be going to the Market Frankford Line in the City of Philadelphia on 4/30/2013. I will edit this statement, rather then revisiting a previous post, the euthanasia will begin on 11/28/2013 along with the Cosmic Shift ... for the enemies of my covenant, your citizens and your country will be held accountable, so we will see before this time. (Otherwise you are viewing your law, once again I am the authority, and you will not only find the universe awaiting my instruction, but that I will quickly accept, cough ... destiny) (The rest of you thanks for your cooperation, and be blind, unless they are prepared to die don't, provoke them, i'd advised you quite a few times to provide a sense of victory, I've participated in the name of peace, but there is a difference between the law) (EDIT - Don't you think the sacrifice of the son of man is important, or the endurance and longevity of the universe, in giving you this opportunity to confirm the covenant, and tolerating your sin without the loss of life. Do you think you have a right to kill the son of man continually, and not face the loss of life, peradventure the universe does not beat the sons of man with more then 40 stripes and this appears to be going on, however the law of NEWLIFE was clarified. Once again I am the authority, thats all, just this footnote) Back to Topic.


    Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, is drawn with one women in the center, and two landscapes on either side. Two possibilities appear to be described through the landscape, but in reality we are viewing a description of the relationship of the "spiritual" to the "earthly". The darker reflection of the landscape in the background represents the "Spiritual". The "Doubling" of this is represented by the Lighter landscape in the foreground, which is a picture of the "Earth". The figure of 5/21 or May 21, is a "Spiritual" representation of the "5 Month" period. "5/21" identifies with the giving of "Spiritual Truth which is a form of Judgment". The "5 Month" period, is the doubling of this "Spiritual Judgement" carried out in the "Earth". The Aztec Calendar can be divisible by two "5 Month" Periods but only one is referring to the "Earthly" judgment, the other is related to the "Spiritual giving of Truth, which is a form of judgment". I was examining the possibility, however the conclusion is not correct, because only "5 Months" 1 period deals with the Cosmic Shift and "Earthly" activities. Otherwise all of my conclusions are correct. We often see the number "6", this simply deals with creation. Now this painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is nearly identical to Nostradamus Lost Plate 77, remember the Plate with two Dice with a book opened, and a apparent reference to the doubling of the "5 Month Period" In the Thread "Nostradamus Earth Effect Soon to be Seen", only a "5 Month Period" can apply no greater, as the double reference is "Spiritual Only".

    The opportunities we extended by the good mercy of the Universe, they do not infact create an additional "5 Month Period". The Universe has provided us with more truth, so we infact know beyond a reason of doubt there will only be "5 Months" and therefore the opportunities are to be invalidated, as a result of the Universe providing us more truth and giving us a clear and concise description of the "5 Month Period. Now, We have adjusted the Law of NEWLIFE with this information in mind, that includes the invalidation of all the opportunities, and I the son of man have taken your responses and the result of this truth into consideration, and what you see in our description above is authenticated by the Universe. ... ... So you can understand my decision as the son of man, that these opportunities that were invested in activity surrounding a period beyond "5 Months" must be invalidated, therefore, and once again you are given the truth and clarification to the Law of NEWLIFE in this discussion.

    Bearing false witness against the son of man, and the destruction of the body of the son of man, were taken into consideration, given the good mercy and generosity of the universe, to tolerate this activity and withhold the taking of life to this extent. This has been taken into consideration, and once again the law has been clarified. Thanks for Your Cooperation. As indicated some small edits may be made tomorrow to this discussion. (You were told not to **ck with me, in parenthesis) (The Hyperdimension that is being translated is being given to mankind, based on Gospel which is your representation of higher dimension activity towards this process, and human interaction, it is also based on the Law of NEWLIFE I design, and the Universe has been gracious to accommodate the Law I designed beyond the figure of (200,000,000 which represents the Earth, now a considerable portion of you will be euthanized, and some will be very fortunate and some less fortunate, but you will all be made into a new race of people)) (So this guy called Harold Camping gives a date of "5/21" as the day of judgment, and he is absolutely correct because it represented the pouring out of "Spiritual Truth", and we see this date in the Aztec Sun Pyramid, and some other references like the Buddhist Tanka's in a previous discussion, as the "Spiritual Doubling of the 5 Months) (So don't **uck with me now, in the Mona Lisa painting do you see the BLACK COMET to the right above the river, yes this is COMET ISON, Leonardo Da Vinci says that he drew the Aztec Ball Court, and this ball going for the Ring which is on the other side, but you must believe)

    Max Ernst. Loplop Introduces a Young Girl. 1930

    This deals with the Cosmic Shift. At the top you see a figure of a man with a fish head, trying to breath in the water of Nibiru (or the Holy Spirit/hyperdimension being translated for the higher consciousness beings). The Blue Mark represents Comet ISON, the Black Rat represents Comet ISON blacking out the sun. The Large Circle is designed like the Sumerian Sun Symbol, this doubles as a description of the Universe. Next to it you see a smaller circle, this is NIBIRU which will overtake the sun and universe. And the Circle with RED in it is the EARTH, human life is what is being translated. The Figure of the Head in the Center Background represents Consciousness. Comet ISON is described a second time by a white mark above the blue mark, the white mark has a "C" separating it from the earth, this represents perihelion when the Cosmic Shift begins, we have to assigned to 11/28/2013, the interpretation cannot be refuted or denied. (the frog symbol outside of the frame, represents what is being euthanized or removed, "unclean frogs" is the phrase used in revelations). (If you scroll up to the VA 243 Petroglyph you will see the striking similarity to how the perihelion of Comet ISON is described as the point of COSMIC SHIFT - here's what I mean, Comet ISON is described as a "Blue Mark, and a White Mark", it becomes a "Blue Mark" (or Blue Star), at Perihelion thus the "C" Mark. Now "NIBIRU" the identifier of the Cosmic Shift or Comet ISON, is a "White Star" not "Blue", it does appear to be different colors do to the different phases of the Cosmic Shift). (Editing Complete - May 21, 2013 is something going to happen, no. You received your answer today. June 13/16, 2013 is something going to happen, no. You received your answer today. Is this discussion inherently incorrect? no. The interpretation is irrefutable, now I will attempt to view more material, once again, thanks for your cooperation. May, 21 or 521 is the Area Code for the City of Philadelphia, its a parody for the Spiritual Truth that is being given. Thats what this discussion is about, period (You had your time, and the inherently incorrect portion of this discussion was thrown out when the universe provided us more truth, we've been operating this way since the beginning, and the law is very clean.)

    Joan Miró. Siesta. 1925.

    (Larger Image

    Nibiru (Center) is seen as a white Comet, but it is also a White Star the "2" follows a symbol representing Nibiru which has two general forms. Black Sun is to the upper left. The Blue Wave is a color output for Nibiru possibly very briefly at the very moment the Cosmic Shift begins on 11/28/2013 at perihelion. The Diagonal on the right with the "Gold Bar" represents the distance from the Sun, where the Cosmic Shift begins, this is not impacting the sun, again "Perihelion" or when the Comet is brightest towards the sun. To the lower right, we see a diagram of Earth's Sun as the Black Circle, and the Known Universe as the dotted lines (The characteristic "C" representing perihelion is also present in this diagram reference of what is happening). Nibiru will be impacting the Earth, Sun, and Known Universe, almost simultaneously. This is on par with the Petroglyph we named the "VA 243 Petroglyph". Lets Continue.

    Joan Miró. Blue II. 1961. Emphasis New Planet

    (Unedited Larger Image can be Found here

    We edited the image, you can see the difference by following the link, the red line was placed against the Planets Representation. The RED MARK represents a COMET WITH A LONG TAIL, it covers 7 Planets, the 7th Planet is Uranus, a parody for the size of the New Earth. This RED MARK's orbit intersects the largest Planets in our solar system when it begins to bring the NEW EARTH. 11/28/2013 Jupiter does intersect the orbital path of COMET ISON, we've seen this description now for the THIRD TIME (VA 243 Seal, VA 243 Petroglyph, and Now this Painting "Blue II".


    Mykolajus Ciurlionis (Čiurlionis) - The Creation of the World 3

    Illumination of Space is darkened by an apparent blue body at least initially, with dark matter distortions appearing to increase the blackening out of space. This is also can be seen relative to earth skies to a degree. This artist has a few others with Comet references or a long tail, here is the long tail

    Also a few references to either Comet w/ Long Tail by these artists: Hieronymus Bosch, René Magritte, Marc Chagall. Once again, the universe has provided us with more truth, and this has reflected itself in the law of NEWLIFE you are provided. 11/28/2013 at perihelion I will be at the Market Frankford Line in the City of Philadelphia, although I won't be taken until the rapture begins some roughly 3 months later, according to our discussion. I am demonstrating my full support to the universe, and for the benefit of mankind in the ascension. This completes this portion of the discussion. Once again, I am also an eye witness, and the authority figure, thanks for your cooperation.
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    Cracking Comet ISON PART 5


    A number of different materials may be discussed, emphasis on Crop Circles.

    The Abydos Helicopter & Secrets of the Golden Section

    Helicopter/Submarine/Airplane/Automobile/RAILROAD (Yes the bars represent Rail Road Tracks) - We will square these dates together.

    1. 1910s: Pennsylvania Railroad builds Pennsylvania Station in New York City; New York Central builds current version of Grand Central Terminal.
    2. Wright Brothers - From 1905 to 1907, the brothers developed their flying machine into the first practical fixed-wing aircraft.
    3. The word automobile ... was first adopted in English by The New York Times in 1899 ... Daimler died in 1900 and later that year, Maybach designed an engine named Daimler-Mercedes, that was placed in a specially ordered model built to specifications set by Emil Jellinek.
    4. (Submarines in the Russo-Japanese War 1904–1905) - On 14 June 1904 the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) placed an order for five Holland Type VII submersibles, which were built in Quincy, Massachusetts at the Fore River Yard, and shipped to Yokohama, Japan in sections; all five machines arrived on 12 December 1904.

    We squared all the dates to surround 1900, the creation or their first implementation. We receive an account of events at the end of time, were Italy is replaced by Korea and Missouri ... reading the descriptions in context. It says that when the law was given (1), the church (brothers) (2) offended the son of man and heaven so much that, they were cutoff (3) by the offenses to the body of believers, and their promises were rewarded to the body of believers (4). My Interpretation cannot be refuted or denied. (you do have your longevity that will be the next thing that is taken) Back to Topic.

    Santena, Italy on June 17, 2012

    (Comet ISON Graphic;orb=1)

    The Planets are aligned to 12/20/2012, the last day of the Aztec Calendar. We see the Universe at that time as a Eye or "Eye of Horus", at this time. A Comet is Revealed we see this Comet with a long tail now provide a description for the Universe at a time period in the future. We see Comet ISON against the SUN (Largest Circle) and "6 Dots" providing detail. The two center dots are COMET ISON AT PERIHELION. The four exterior dots represents the INNER PLANETS and the OUTER PLANETS which are both forming a "Square Shape" and this is being doubled. The Exact Moment of the Cosmic Shift is at Perihelion, we see now multiple descriptions describing this same point in time which corresponds to 11/28/2013 around 3 pm EST. (Comet ISON Live Link

    Avebury Manor 2008

    1. Solar System at 12/20/2012 with Comet ISON to the Left (it appeared 9/2012)
    2. First Form of Nibiru as a Comet
    3. Second Form of Nibiru as a Star
    4. Solar System at 11/28/2013, the Perihelion is drawn at a larger size, this expands on the small dot in the center of the four circles, the extraterrestrials do not want the interpretation to be mistaken, so it is redundant.
    5. COSMIC SHIFT - Initial and Ongoing - Nibiru is the dark Eye figure at the top, its processes of impacting the sun and universe are below it (looks like a beetle), below this is the EARTH which is given an "eclipse shape". The Sun is the largest Circle figure, in this instance the largest figure represents the fact that, only the process of Nibiru will be observable in space. The interpretation is not designed to be mistaken.

    Addendum Statement
    The Following Extraterrestrial Messages, are not a hoax. They provide very detailed messages when studied, but the real meaning is taken at face value.

    Crabwood Original, August 15, 2002

    "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
    Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word).
    There is GOOD out there.
    We OPpose DECEPTION.

    Crabwood Corrected, August 15, 2002

    Keep Watch, the Law that Satisfies the Covenant will be Given.
    The Time of Peace is Present (Breathing Sound)
    The Threat will be Divided from You
    The Day of Thanksgiving (Sabbath Day)
    Comet Arriving (Steam Trumpet (Train Whistle))

    The 5th Line is a reference to a Comet with a Long Tail, or Comet ISON, you can substitute the word "Nibiru" for "Comet", this is an identifier for this Cosmic Shift activity. Essentially the language says the opposite of what the graphic implies......(The day of Perihelion or 11/28/2013 is being described, the euthanasia is not your responsibility, it is the responsibility of the universe according to the law I designed. This relationship can drop dead before this time, I can be resurrected or not thats not my concern, this relationship can kill the wrong person and drop dead (ID has been provided), this relationship will be dead soon and there is nothing you can do about it, at best it will likely die before it can affect the larger population, simply let me be. As I've indicated once a demonstration is completed you will never have this problem again, nor do you have to worry about this relationship promoting its own suicide, it will be long dead, thanks for your cooperation, as i've indicated, I will provide truth, and be peacefully, and this relationship will be dead before it can really cause any pain for the larger population. Be clean, and tolerating I haven't seen any real signs this relationship is ready to die soon, and the universe is standing by so we will see, when the universe stops intervening with this suicide agenda, they will drop dead.).....Comet ISON when the Cosmic Shift beings is reported to "Flash Blue", while it begins to darken the Universe, it is also reported to make the Universe "Blood Red" before gradually revealing its true appearance as a "White Star", the parody is the police siren. When this relationship is dead, the law will become your agenda, until this time, just be peaceful, it will be done soon. Now, you will not see a universe outside, you will only see Nibiru's activities, I used a picture of a hurricane to represents the "Photon Belt" or activity of Nibiru that will eventually encapsulate the Earth. The Dark Matter is pulled together and transcribed to the phenomenon that leads to the Rapture process and eventual total dissolution of the Earth. (12/20/2012 I was around, 11/28/2013 I will be around and I will be at the Market Frankford Line, awaiting the euthanasia the Universe has planned for the son of man. This is a very real possibility, so is a few months down the line, at the end of the day I will be dead and so will this relationship, this is a positive outcome. There is no pain involved, and the law is not about causing pain, I will eliminate the suicide agenda, their kind and their influence, this is what the law is about, when they are put to death, this is gain for the law, and for your potential, its nothing personal. At the end of the day, I will be dead by the universe, this is not viewed negatively, when this relationship is put to peace, maybe as a result of me instead of the cosmic shift, isn't this counted for gain? the answer is yes, your priorities are not in the right place, but we will see soon). (Harold Camping picture is present this crop circle was produced roughly a year from 9/11/2001, this suicide agenda is defeated with Comet ISON, and "May 21" is vindicated isn't this what the Zodiac Killer revealed we described? the answer is yes).

    "Arecibo Crop Circle", August 19, 2001

    That's Correct, you can say my picture is in view, and it is, however. You can also fit the Septa Logo in the frame same context, and against it an individual being Raptured. It is true a Comet with a long tail can also fit the description. There's about 210 or so days before this relationship is dead, and its ability to hurt itself, property or the public. We have the full truth and so these discussions probably won't continue, this does not mean the photo ID and information you were provided, could fall into the wrong hands and this threat handled a lot sooner. Now, the Jewish and Japanese people will also be euthanized, i've said this a few times before, at the time of the Cosmic Shift, or when the Euthanasia is carried out. To reduce suffering, now if we done this across the board, then how could the universe gauge the people that are migrating and their threat status, sometimes and unfortunately many of them could die as a matter of keeping the peace.

    (This relationship within these 210 days may cause the son of man considerable suffering, but at the end of the day, no matter how much you pain you cause or how many times you beat on that person, they could just end up dead unexplainedly and the euthanasia carried out, soon to be seen, you could see the euthanasia carried out over a dozen times in order to keep the peace during the Cosmic Shift, this is to be expected and you will be given your example soon, now this just about wraps up this discussion)
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